GnssLogger App v3.0.6.3

GnssLogger App v3.0.6.3


GnssLogger by Google enables in-depth analysis and logging of all types of location and sensor data such as GPS (Global Positioning System), network location and other sensor data. It comes with the following features:

● Control various data logging such as raw GNSS measurements, GnssStatus, NMEA, navigation messages, sensor data and RINEX logs.

● View all location and raw measurement data.
● Control offline logging using ‘Start Log’, ‘Stop & Send’ and ‘Timed Log’.
● Enable specific items to be logged using corresponding switches in Home Tab.
● Delete existing log files from disk.

● Visualize on GoogleMap, the location provided by GPS chipset, Network Location Provider (NLP), Fused Location Provider (FLP), and computed Weighted Least Square (WLS) position.
● Toggle between different map views and location types.

● Visualize CN0 (Signal Strength), PR (pseudorange) Residual and PRR (pseudorange rate) Residual vs time.

● View detailed information of all visible GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellites such as GPS, Beidou (BDS), QZSS, GAL (Galileo), GLO (GLONASS) and IRNSS.

● Visualize the data of all visible GNSS satellites using a skyplot.
● View the average CN0 of all the satellites in view and the ones used in fix.

● Experiment with Assisted-GNSS functionalities.

WLS Analysis TAB:
● View the Weighted Least Square position, velocity and their uncertainties computed based on raw GNSS measurements.
● Compare the WLS results to the GNSS chipset reported values.

• Fix accidental registration for nav messages
• support for logging mock Location
• Remove extra extension that is added to NMEA & RINEX files in Downloads folder
• Supports controlling the FileLoggingService via adb
• Fix logging Automatic Gain Control (AGC) on Android T+
• Runtime notification permissions
• Fixes NPE on MapFragment when updating ground truth marker
• Magnetometer collection at 50 hz
• Always enable Force Full Tracking UI switch in GnssLogger debug builds

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