Amazon Relay 1.76.153

Amazon Relay 1.76.153


The Amazon Relay mobile app is for carriers, owner-operators and drivers who want to manage their Relay freight on the go. From the grocery store checkout line to the parking lot of fuel stop, carriers and owner-operators can use the app to book and manage loads anywhere they get a phone signal. And truck drivers can use the Relay app to find the safest route for their Amazon cargo, along with site-specific information about facilities that makes entry faster.

If you’re a carrier or owner-operator, you’ll like…

* Load Board that makes it easy to book loads that fit your schedule
* Suggested Reloads that maximize drivers’ schedules by surfacing additional trips along their routes
* Post A Truck, which automatically books loads that match truck availability
* Trips page, where you can view booked loads and assign or update drivers
* Push notifications about important updates and announcements from Relay

Drivers will enjoy…

* Free navigation on truck-friendly routes, including routing to Amazon truck entrances
* Lane guidance that tells drivers which lane they should be in while approaching their next turn
* Notifications when loads are ready for pick up, when loads get cancelled, or when new loads get added to a driver’s schedule
* Load History, where drivers can view the last two weeks of loads hauled for Amazon
* Ability to report delays or disruptions to company dispatchers and Amazon
* Digital proof of delivery and bills of lading documents that make it easier to track paperwork

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Bug fixes and performance improvements

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