Olauncher. Minimal AF Launcher v4.0.0

Olauncher. Minimal AF Launcher v4.0.0


Olauncher is a minimal and open source launcher with just enough features.


* Minimalist phone – clean home screen
* Zero distractions – no ads or icons
* Privacy respecting – open source
* Daily new wallpapers – looks great
* Hide apps – no one will find them
* Auto launch – most loved feature

Olauncher automatically launches an app if it’s the only search result; making it one of the most efficient launcher for quickly finding and launching apps.

It will take you about 2 days to feel how life changing a minimal launcher can be. So try it today, and tomorrow! We encourage you to read the user reviews on Play Store to learn more.


* “It packs a wallop if you dig minimal launchers.” – AndroidPolice bit.ly/3oqNCeC
* “You install it, use it, and it doesn’t get in the way.” – AndroidAuthority bit.ly/3iOkIlz
* “Search is really cool … definitely give this launcher a try” – Mobiscrub bit.ly/2WXkPDK
* “It’s a refreshingly light take on the Android home screen, and it still looks pretty good.” – AndroidAuthority bit.ly/3DtdcEU
* People tweeting about #Olauncher bit.ly/3iNVZ0M


This is a minimal launcher and we want to keep it that way. Please check out the About page in Olauncher settings for more details.


1. Hidden apps
Long press anywhere on the home screen to open settings. Tap on ‘Olauncher’ text on the top to see your hidden apps. We hope you like how well they’re hidden. 😀

2. Double tap to lock
Olauncher uses Accessibility service permission to enable double tap to lock. This is a sensitive permission but rest assured, Olauncher does not collect any data using this Accessibility service permission.
Note: If double tap stops working, please grant Autostart permission and turn off battery optimization for Olauncher. You can find these options in your phone settings.

3. Navigation gestures
Some devices do not support gestures for third party launchers. We’ll see what we can do about it but most probably, it will be fixed by Android or your device manufacturer via an update.
Samsung users, you might have to swipe-up-and-hold to see your recent apps while using gestures.

For more tips & tricks, visit our About page in Olauncher settings.


Olauncher source code is available on Github under GPLv3 license.


Olauncher respects your privacy. It neither tracks your app usage nor collects any personal data. If you have any question regarding privacy, feel free to contact us.

Accessibility Service –
Our Accessibility Service is used exclusively to let you turn off your phone’s screen with a double-tap gesture. It is optional, disabled by default and doesn’t collect or share any data.

Developer: Tanuj

P.S. Thank you for checking out the description. Only a few very special people do that. Take care! 🙂

* Rename any app
* Text resize

Tip: To temporarily disable auto app launch – hit SPACE and then type to search apps. Check out the About page in settings for many more hidden features.

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