Luigi’s Mansion Could Have Been A Nintendo 64 Disc Drive Game

Luigi’s Mansion Could Have Been a Nintendo 64 Disc Drive – Kotaku Australia

It is no secret that a large number of games released later for the Nintendo GameCube were originally planned for the release of the Nintendo 64, and Luigi’s Palace no different.

This, along with a whole host of other interesting information about the popular GameCube title led by Luigi, comes in the form of a great YouTube video from Video game docsa channel of high quality documentaries/videos dedicated to the world of video games written by Justin Schofield.

If you’re not familiar with any of the failed Nintendo projects, the Nintendo 64 Disc Drive (also known as the 64DD) was a peripheral magnetic floppy drive for the Nintendo 64. It was announced in 1995, prior to launch from the physical console in 1996, but didn’t actually get a release until three years after 1999.

In total, only 9 games were released in 64DD in floppy disk form, with one additional disk being Randnet Disk, a dial-up utility disk that allows the Nintendo 64 to connect to the Internet through a dedicated online service called Randnet. There were a lot of games that were planned to be released as floppy disks for the 64DD, but were just released on cartridges, canceled entirely, or later released on more powerful consoles. Luigi’s Palace It is rumored to be one of those.

Hideki Kono, Director Luigi’s Palacementioned in previous interviews that the prototyping stages of Luigi’s Palace I saw it as a title for the Nintendo 64, but these prototypes have been linked to the Nintendo 64DD prototypes from “a game where levels revolve around a large building complex or mansion”. Putting the points together, it is believed that these 64DD prototypes were actually a good fit Luigi big house before it was eventually ported to the GameCube.

The video itself also includes a bunch of really cool anecdotes Luigi’s Palace In development stages, as well as a summary of the game itself and the future of the series. Here are a few additional information:

  • state Luigi’s Palace It went through a few different changes. Originally, it was supposed to be a massive Japanese-style ninja house, then they converted it into an apartment complex before finally dropping into the American-style mansion we see in the final product. Additionally, the mansion’s original plan was for it to be a dollhouse before they eventually decided to make it a full-size haunted house when the objective of the game shifted.
  • as such Luigi’s Palace It was a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube While it was also a game that was originally planned to be of limited capabilities, the designers behind the game ended up having a say in what the GameCube needed for Luigi’s Palace for work. This means that the GameCube was able to “dynamic lighting with really crisp shadows” thanks to Luigi’s Palace.
  • Luigi’s Palace It was nearly Mario’s PalaceMario was cast as the main character while the game was still supposed to take place in a dollhouse. However, since Mario is considered a very brave man who would not be afraid of ghosts and “it wasn’t part of his character to be surprised or afraid”, they decided to make Luigi the protagonist. This was thanks to the fact that Luigi had already earned a reputation as a “coward” in small parts of the Nintendo media in the past.

This is just a small part of the really good things mentioned in this video article, so I highly recommend checking out the full 35 minute video. It’s a powerful collection of interviews and information about Luigi’s PalacePlus, a great exploration of one of my favorite GameCube games! consider this a Ruby recommends re.

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