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It was a match of honor, and FC Barcelona took the opportunity to win its second victory in the 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League. The winner on the Viktoria Plzen grass (2-4), Barcelona was able to rely on a double from Ferran Torres and the first goal from Pablo Toure with his new colors to get the best of a voluntary, but impenetrable Czech team. Already guaranteed their return to the Europa League, the Catalans faced bad news in the evening with an injury to Frank Kessie. Another one in already mortal Barcelona …

24 goals in 6 rounds is a lot. Such is the sad record of defending Victoria Plzen in this C1 campaign. In Group C considered a cross with Bayern Munich, Inter and Barcelona, ​​the Czech champions left the competition with their heads held high.


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How ? By lifting Draghi high in Barcelona, ​​who was also eliminated from the race for the knockout stages. But against the Blaugrana, Plzen cracked for the first time in the opener of Marcos Alonso (0-1, 5). Not a big deal: the locals responded to Thomas Khoury, but the striker found the crossbar first (21), and then Lucas Calvas lost his duel to Inaki Pena (30). Before the break, Torres doubled his lead after checking the VAR (0-2, 44th place).

Two more injuries to Barcelona

Plzen led the result but did not quit because of all that, he pressed the opposing goal and Thomas Khoury converted a penalty after being fouled by Toure in the penalty area (1-2, 51). In the process, Torres made himself a double after a stint with Ravenha (1-3, 54th place), but Plzen continued to play offensive and fun football, to the point of finding a second time in the net thanks to a header from Khoury (2-3, 63). .

In his first spell at Barcelona, ​​Toure scored the knockout goal. (2-4, 75). But at work, the young hope was injured. A second piece after another injury in the evening, Kessié’s injury, affected my muscles in running forward. Barcelona proved their qualifying position in C3 was not stolen, but the price had to be paid…


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