A young man was shot dead on a street in Alice: What we know about the murder of Marwan, 23

Marwan, 23, was shot dead in the street on the evening of Monday, October 31. The point is what we know about this drama.

Emotions were strong on Tuesday in the Bris-Saint-Jean district, a day after the murder of Marouane, the 23-year-old. Family and friends gathered on Edmond Rostand Street, at the foot of the building where this local boy, a father of two girls aged 1 and 3, lived, everyone appreciated his “sympathy and generosity”, and his relatives described him as “hardworking, idealistic and calm”.

“Marouane, everyone in the neighborhood knows him, he has only friends, and he recognizes one of his cousins. He worked in the Metal Structure Company. He also played football at La Grand-Combe, where he was a goalkeeper.”

Marwan was 23 years old.

Marwan received a message telling him that they would come back to kill him

Nothing had ever given up with a bullet in the throat, in the middle of the street, on the evening of October 31. According to the items collected from his relatives, this drama will take hold early in the day, in the middle of the afternoon, against the background of a love quarrel. Marwan was going to clash “with several men”, the latter attracted to the retinue of his former companion, the mother of his two children.

“He was in contact with his mother. They had joint custody. He spent time with his children whom he adored. He was a real hen father,” explains Emmanuel, his uncle, who reported “some exchange of blows” between Marwan and his attackers as well as threats. “Marwan received a letter telling him that they were going back to kill him,” Emmanuel continues.

A car stopped and a man shot me

A few hours later, around 9:30 p.m., Marawan was walking down Soleil Prudhomme Street. Then a witness, who is also a family member of the victim, described the scene: “I was with Marwan, who was smoking a cigarette, when a car stopped at his height. There was a man in the back of the car who was his window. He pointed his gun and fired. Marwan was wounded. In his throat and chest. He couldn’t do anything, everything happened very quickly. “

The victim’s death was reportedly confirmed a few minutes later, when he was taken to Alice Hospital.

no nursery

And on Tuesday, it was not yet clear which weapon was used to commit the murder. A police source invokes a “hunting weapon”, and eyewitnesses speak of a “gun with a pump.” At the end of the day, the police had not yet indicated any status in police custody. The investigation, which was opened in the murder case, was entrusted to the Provincial Judicial Police Department in Montpellier, via the Gard branch in Nimes.

In Prés Saint-Jean, stupor continues to prevail within family and loved ones. “Great solidarity emanates from the neighborhood,” appreciates Emmanuel Emmanuel who noted that Marwan will usually be buried on Monday, two days after the funeral vigil.

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