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game news God of War Ragnarok: Larger Than Life Characters on PS5!

As promised, after the first two coins, Santa Monica Studio is back with a third episode to tell us about the behind-the-scenes development of God of War: Ragnarok. Today, we focus on character design.

God of War: Ragnarok knows how to make his characters work

It’s after a short ad Featuring Ben Stiller, LeBron James, and John Travolta, God of War: Ragnarok is making a strong comeback with a behind-the-scenes creation of the game’s development. In fact, over the past weeks, developers and developers from Santa Monica have been focusing on them Father and son relationshipthen in Game battles. Today, they come back to tell us more about character formation.

I lead a team of amazing concept designers. We make the characters you see in the game. This includes all the heroes, but also the creatures, gods, and monsters you’ll encounter along the way. We seek to forge a unique identity that lives up to the standards of the God of War franchise. Della Longfish, Leading Character

In this new video, Dela Longfish and her team of graphic designers focus on character design to explain how they manage to make each monster character unique, but also larger than life. To explain it to us the team spent a lot of time on the dwarves Brock and Cindery, two characters we meet for the first time in God of War In 2018, more than 23 million copies were sold worldwide.

Brooke and Cinderella, two more attractive characters

If Kratos’ first adventure in the North suggests traveling through several kingdoms, in Ragnarok, it will be possible to discover a whole new country: Svartalfheim. For those who don’t know, Svartalfheim, in addition to being a heavenly place, is the birthplace of Brock and Cindri. Visiting this new area allows you to learn more about these two very friendly characters who do not hesitate to help our hero.

In God of War Ragnarok we go to visit Svartalfheim, home of Brok and Sindri. What’s great about all of this is that it allows us to expand the cast. We have only glimpsed a part of this world. Della Longfish

By exploring Svartalfheim, we will also meet new enemies. The developers take as an example, especially the graceful anthropomorphic lizards blending into the background.

Ensuring that every ingredient looks natural and believable is a key principle. Therefore, our graphic designer Stephen Oakley relied heavily on the concept arts of Luke Berliner and his teams, and this is very palpable in the textures and volumes of the various characters. So we have the impression that they are part of their environment. Della Longfish

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