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I’ve been using the Pixel 6 daily for nine months, and I’m finding it hard to break up with it. Here is my detailed opinion after a long-term test.

Last October, Google launched a program Pixel 6 and others Pixel 6 ProThe phones that marked a real turning point in the brand’s philosophy after years of roving and somewhat successful trial and error. It was a real critical and commercial success – all things considered, but anyway a Google-wide success. But time spoiled this vision with the appearance of many errors that users identified.

However, after 9 months of use and almost no bugs encountered, I still love the Pixel 6 very much.

9 / 10

Google Pixel 6

I’ve always loved Google smartphones

As for context, I’ve always liked the Google experience. I’m one of those people who swears by the Nexus at the height of the LG era (Nexus 4 and Nexus 5), despite battery issues and poor image quality. Then I really appreciate the pixels and have been in particular, in spite of myself, an excellent salesperson for the brand when it comes to giving advice. Pixel 3a phone or 4A To my loved ones, I am always pleased with this advice.

It’s really with Le Pixel 4 XL I fell in love. It was heavy and full of flaws, but you must have had it to understand how much it made for a smooth and different experience. Sulli, the next generation buried radar sensor, definitely had a lot to do with it, rest in peace little angel. So it’s not too surprising that I appreciated the Pixel 6, despite some reluctance at the time.

special design

From my point of view, there are three important points on the smartphone. First, autonomy. Because the phone, no matter how good it is, if it goes out at 4 pm, it will still be a useless brick. Then the general experience, fluidity, interface, screen quality, grip and finally the quality of the images.

I’ll go back to autonomy and image quality, but let’s talk about the overall experience, starting with its design which made me prefer this Pixel 6 phone over the Pixel 6 Pro. I can’t stand curved screens and To see Jeffroy’s return on this topicThe Pro is a nightmare at this level. Also, I have a problem with phones over 200g. The Pixel 6 actually weighs 207 grams, and I don’t want to go any higher, which is too bad if it makes me lose the telephoto lens.

Google Pixel 6- (3)

Apart from these details, the Pixel 6’s design didn’t shock me, unlike others who have distorted its landscape module. Its real problem is not so much aesthetic as practical: its corners are not only dust nests, but its edges end whitened by the force of shocks and friction. Within nine months, the entire tire was also tending to stain. I admit to being shell-resistant and have dropped it a few times due to the breach, but other phones are more resistant at this level.

Google Pixel 6- (4)

In short, you’ll understand, it’s not that I like the Pixel 6’s design.

It only lacks fast charging

So, let’s go back to the crucial points, start with autonomy. At this level, the Pixel 6 is impressive, even after nine months. Aside from the few days that I experienced weird battery drain that might have been due to mismanagement of the app cache, the Pixel 6 battery has never failed. My use is rather significant and yet I’ve never been afraid of a meltdown strike if the evening goes on. For example, at 6:40 PM as of this writing, I unplugged my phone when I woke up this morning with 80% battery left. So of course, I’ve only used it for 2.5 hours a day, but it’s still impressive and allows me to stay cool in all conditions.

In fact, I rarely missed the fast charging. I wouldn’t spit on a charge of 60 watts or more (versus the 30 watts advertised by Google), but that will only fill the gap sometimes. I finally learned how to charge my phone at night, today smartphones manage this in a way that doesn’t drain the battery.

Fun interface

Now, about the experience itself and the Pixel interface. I have to admit some points Android 12 It always frustrates me, starting with the quick setup”InternetWhich still combines mobile data and Wi-Fi, adding a tap to really get to it. vanishement Power menu d’Android 11 also.

But apart from that, the Pixel Experience (the Google interface) gives me everything I want very smoothly. However, I consider myself fortunate that I have never experienced many of the errors others have had with the Pixel, it is clearly a real Russian roulette…

Google Pixel 6- (2)

Small details such as the preview tool ( In a glance ), real-time translation, and music recognition that happens on the lock screen without having to ask… These are all little things that make the Pixel experience something unique. Not because phones from Oppo, Samsung, OnePlus, and even Apple haven’t been used over the past year; Google has those little extra things that work for me.

Call me for your photos from parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs…

But now let’s talk about what I think makes a real difference with the Pixel 6: the photo. In his long-term test of the Pixel 6 Pro, Geoffroy notes that he was disappointed with the image and specifically cites smartphones that now have larger sensors. Technically, sure, it’s an advantage. But in fact, even with a one-inch sensor, with the small lenses that power current phones, algorithms still account for a large part of image quality.

So yeah, in the landscape, even at night, the competition with Google has pretty much caught up, and the gap isn’t quite as impressive as it used to be. However, there is one area where Pixel AI remains unbeatable: moving subjects in low light. If you’re used to playing the paparazzi in your evenings, you know how difficult it can be to get a successful shot after a certain hour. Likewise, if you have a pet or a small child who is difficult to stand by, the Pixel is still going strong.

It’s so simple, I’ve lost count of the number of times a year someone has been jealous of the pictures my phone can take. End of show, family gif, AfondleA quick, subtle expression of joy, a stolen hug, very happy people or even a lightning bolt tearing the sky… To succeed in such an image, you don’t need to think for hours. Point, click, your photo is successful. Even the iPhone, while among the best at scene freeze, doesn’t come close to the Pixel at that level.

Note that many of the photos above were taken in challenging lighting conditions that require long exposures, and generally with fast-moving subjects.

So yes! The Pixel 6 does not have an optical zoom, it is not the best smartphone in terms of sharpness, but it is undoubtedly the one that will allow you to capture your best memories. And when you tie it all together at its very competitive price, it’s hard not to warmly recommend this Pixel… fingers crossed to avoid bugs.

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