The new Fiat Fastback: the Italian competitor to the Renault Arkana and Peugeot 408! – Motors

Fiat has just unveiled its new sports coupe called Fastback, and this model will initially be intended for the Brazilian market, however, nothing excludes the possibility of its marketing in the European market.

Little by little, a segment that was previously reserved exclusively for premium brands by generic manufacturers began to be targeted. After the Peugeot 408, Stellantis has just launched its second model belonging to this class: the Fiat Fastback, Renault Arkana’s competitor in the coupe SUV segment.

Aesthetically, the Fastback takes on the design of the prototype Fiat introduced in 2018. However, this SUV coupe has new elements that the Italian company only offers in a higher class, such as the muscular hood, and signatures of the horizontal LED lights, also like The mesh, with a honeycomb shape gives it a more aggressive touch.

The new Fiat Fastback also includes some sporty Abarth elements, such as the bumper, with large faux air intakes and wheel arches. At the rear, the drop-top roof that gives it the Fastback look that gives the model its name. The fully horizontal LED rear optics are also striking, slightly reminiscent of the BMW X6, the dean of the SUV coupe.

The Fiat Fastback will be larger and more refined and will be powered by the 185hp, 270nm 1.3 turbo engine already available in other Stellantis. According to the Brazilian press, the most powerful versions of the Fiat Fastback are expected to reach 150,000 Brazilian reals (about 28,500 euros) at launch.

Finally, if the Fastback is going to compete with the most expensive compact SUV in its class, then naturally it’s also targeting less expensive models, such as Nissan Kicks.

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