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Ohm: Longoria imitates Leonardo in the transfer window

Since arriving at OM in the summer of 2020, initially as director of football, Pablo Longoria has been very active in the transfer market. The President of Marseille was now able to demonstrate his power by restraining the recruits at Canebière. For this, he can rely especially on his network that he created in recent years when he worked in other clubs. Based on the strength of his experiences in Italy, at Juventus or even Sassuolo, Pablo Longoria has special facilities to recruit from the other side of the Alps as Leonardo did when he was at PSG, and he is also a good expert on the Italian market.

Jordan Veritot

on the sideAroundso many recruits arrived from Italy thanks to Paul Longoria. Last? Jordan Veritot. Passed through Ligue 1 (NantesAnd the ASSE) and the Premier League, the midfielder has been exiled to Serie A since 2017. He later moved to Serie A Fiorentina then toAS ROME. Now he’s back in France, and he’s just registered withAround. Then completes the recruitment process which is so vital in Marseille. veritout midfield reinforcesIgor Theodorthe gaming sector that was an orphan too Boubacar Kamara weeks ago. And to complete the arrival of Jordan Vertoot, Paul Longoria Can count on her good relations withAS ROME.

genghis under

Jordan Veritot Thus, he is not the only player who joinedAround coming fromAS ROME. Last summer, genghis under This path has already been taken. return from loan ListerThe Turkish wing did not enter into the plans Jose Mourinho in the Italian capital. Paul Longoria Then take the opportunity to recover underwho came to make people forget, Florian Thuven. Choose to pay for‘Around Since the 25-year-old has had a very good season. At Canebière, we should certainly not regret the forfeiting of the €8 million, the amount of the purchase option, which was almost mandatory, which was negotiated in a loan genghis under.

Bo Lopez

and like Below, Pau Lopez as he leftAS ROME to me’Around Last summer, also under a loan with a purchase option. While that Paul Longoria He was looking for a new guardian in order to actually prepare for a succession Steve MandandaThen the choice fell on the Spaniard. And soon the latter imposed himself in the minds Jorge Sampaoli Face the world champion and legendOh my God Bo Lopez He is now No. 1 in Vélodrome and is now a fully qualified Marseille player after activating his purchase option on loan.

Paul Lerola

Paul Lerola Happened to himAround In January 2021. A few months ago, Marseille club failed to make up for the departure Bona Sar. Paul Longoria Then wait for the winter transfer window to find a right-back. He finally found his happiness on the side Fiorentina with Lerola. at Longoria He had a hollow nose 6 months ago, the Spanish side made a strong impression in the scheme Sampaoli. This is also why last summerAround He had paid Fiorentina to enlist once and for all Paul Lerola An agreement was finally reached.

Arcadios Melik

as such Lirola, Arcadios Melik also happened toAround in January 2021. Then the pole put his bags on Canebière from NaplesWhere it became difficult for him. owned by And so committedAround, where we were always looking for “Grantatakan”. With the native of Teshi, Longoria Maybe you found a rare pearl and Arcadios Melik He was also present for the first six months on Canebière. On the other hand, last season was a bit more complicated because of the delicate relationship with Jorge Sampaoli.

Thus, the number of recruits in the First Division has doubledAround And it couldn’t stop there too soon, it was Alexis Sanchez Who should land from Italy? The Chilean is currently settling the final details of the termination of his contract withintermilan. Once that’s complete, it can commit to an extensionAround.

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