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The important day is finally Just around the corner for hardcore Samsung fans who feel that foldables are the future (or even present) of the mobile industry, but if All leaks previously emptied The past few months… have left you confused Fold 4 and Flip 4 upgradesWe may have the best possible news to bring to you today.

Last few years Galaxy Z Fold 3 5Gwhich is undoubtedly still one of the best phones There, it can be obtained at an incredible discount of up to $700 with at all no strings attached. This killer new Amazon deal is smoking Best Buy’s latest promotionwhich requires upfront activation on select mobile operators, not to mention all those deep price cuts Samsung itself is offering with eligible hardware swaps.
5G Unsecured Network Z fold 3 The powerhouse with Snapdragon 888 processor under the hood is lowered by $600 from a starting price of $1799.99 with 256GB of internal storage and $700 from $1,899.99 in a 512GB configuration, making it very easy to choose between the two models.

That’s right, you can currently get the 512GB variant for the same price as the “entry-level” 256GB device, though something tells us Amazon may run out of stock for the usually more expensive version fairly quickly.

This special offer is pretty close to what Prime members could get for a limited time last month, and of course, that condition is out of the equation as well.

Reserve the Galaxy Z Fold 4 if you can resist the Z Fold 3

Given how popular The new foldable phones are likely to becomeWe won’t be 100% sure that this kind of discount will be Ever It’s introduced for the Fold 4, so whether you’re excited or not SamsungThe ‘next big thing’, we can certainly understand if you also feel that you simply cannot turn down this opportunity to buy the Z Fold 3 at a really reasonable price… all things considered.

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