PHOTOS – Ana de Armas sublime in “Blonde”: discover the first photos of the person who embodies Marilyn Monroe, verified by Brad Pitt – General

60 years after his death, Marlin Monroe He still talks about a lot. Last May, it was thanks to Kim Kardashian who borrowed one of her famous dresses to climb the steps of the Met Gala. As usual, Kim K was controversial, with Her rapid weight loss The condition of the dress after wearing it. These days, Marilyn Monroe is once again on everyone’s lips as she nears the release of her autobiography next September. Adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’ bestseller, “Blonde” is a daring account of the life of Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywood’s most famous icons. From her turbulent childhood to her meteoric rise, “Blonde” blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction to explore the growing gap between her public persona and the person she was on. alone”Can we read on Netflix.

In the title role, actress Ann weaponswho appears Sublime on the first pictures of “Blonde” Whose trailer was released last week speaking. In question, the Cuban accent of Ben Affleck’s ex-lover, which, according to the most slanderous, does not allow him to fully fit into the personality of Marilyn Monroe. Opinion not shared Brad Pittproducer of the project with his company Plan B. For ex-Angelina Jolie, James Bond girl he is “Unusual” like he said Entertainment tonight. “It took us ten years to do this. It wasn’t until we found Anna that we got to the finish line.”confirmed who caused a sensation in the skirt at the premiere of his movie “Bullet Train”..

As for the main meaning, I was captured during the movie premiere on Netflix last June “I worked for hours, every day, for about a year”. And that’s not all, she is too “Read Joyce’s novel and study hundreds of photos, videos and audios”. With regard to her performance, she clarified after the criticism leveled at times owns Followed by 9 months of accent training and dubbing sessions to get the right accent.. That being said, she has given it all, no offense to critics.

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