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The Paris Saint-Germain She intends to reduce her workforce, which will allow her to better outline the group Christoph Galtier You will succeed, but also to make room for young people from training blue red. This second reason will clearly benefit the solid mass Warren Zaire Emery. At just 16 years old, the midfielder entered the match at 82nd place instead Marco Verratti At the first meeting of French League 1 Uber Eats (Victory 0-5) this Saturday on Earth Claremont Foot. opportunity to Parisian Titi to enter date Paris Saint-Germain To become the youngest player to have evolved into the elite with a jacket blue red. In this area of ​​speed, it thus outperforms Shadael PichiaboAnd the Kingsley ComanAnd the Didier Demi or Nicholas Anelka.

After the match, his new coach said: He was very serious and very good while preparing. I had to give him the first minutes. It is important to connect words with deeds, he should feel anxiousHe also praised the technician for his maturity and professionalism Warren Zaire Emery. The latter expressed his pride in playing his first minutes in the league with his training club: I am very happy, very happy. It’s an honor to be the youngest player in the world Paris Saint-Germain To participate for the first time in the French League. We are always happy when the coach tells us we are doing well, I will continue and hopefully he will give me other chances«.

Mature and professional, on and off the field

According to the words of his entourage, collected by our colleagues from Goalfor this success explanations: He is a real hard worker with an impeccable lifestyle and has his down time. I know quite a few young players, and at his age I’ve never seen a very serious player off the field.«.

resident of Seine-Saint-Denis (93), Warren Zaire Emery Benefits, according to Goaldriver to get to the training center Paris Saint-GermainIt is located in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (78). Despite the distance, the young player is diligent and meticulous, and therefore he is present every day at about 8 in the morning, a schedule imposed by the club’s management. However, the presence of Parisian Titi It should be easier to maintain now. In fact, it should return to Ooredoo Center, specifically in the boarding school of the training center, in order to stay there. News that should please the football advisor, Louis Fieldswhich will encourage new recruits to find accommodation not far from lodge camp. always according to GoalThe Portuguese leader will be very keen on punctuality.

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