Essonne: In the middle of the night, a man enters through the window of a woman who was bathing

The scene looks like Psychosis, the Alfred Hitchcock movie in which a terrified young woman screams while being assaulted in the bathroom. Early this weekend, on a Friday through Saturday night, a woman in her fifties experienced a similar fear to Massey (Eason).

While she was bathing, about 3 a.m., in her apartment near the Massy-Verrières RER, a man drawn by the light managed to climb up to her window and into her room.

I screamed and managed to turn to a neighbor

The plaintiff, naked from the bathroom, claims that she found herself face to face with this man on her bed, who is also naked. “The victim says he grabbed her by the wrist and kept her in her room,” a source close to the investigation said. Panicked, the woman screams and manages to turn to her neighbor, while the man escapes.

A crew from the local crime squad sets out to find him. After several trips back and forth in the area, they noticed a man whose uniform matched the description of the alleged attacker.

Possibly under the influence of anesthetic

The individual is “controlled by race, not coherent in his interpretations, and claims to have just come to the street to smoke a cigarette,” says a police source. Dodgy, it looks like he used a narcotic product. He was finally recognized by his victim and taken into custody. At the age of forty, this foreign national is subject to a legal ban on French soil. “He is already known to have sexually assaulted,” a source familiar with the matter said.

A preliminary investigation is continuing to determine whether an attempted rape occurred. “The man claims he was not naked, a source close to the investigation. The attempt is difficult to qualify at the moment. Subject to the obligation to leave France, the alleged perpetrator was not placed in an administrative detention center on Sunday.

In May 2021, in the neighboring town of Palizzo, Two thieves raped a 69-year-old woman after breaking into his house. Traces of blood left by the suspects led investigators to the Massy-Palaiseau RER station. They were finally found a week later and jailed for burglary, rape, and attempted rape.

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