Beluga in the Seine: despite the bites of “stimulants”, the weak animal still does not eat – franceinfo

Malnutrition of cetaceans dates back to “several weeks, even months,” the NGO Sea Shepherd identifies.

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exist ‘little hope’ I hope this story ends well, the NGO Sea Shepherd admits. Five days after it was discovered in the Seine, far from the cold waters it is accustomed to, the four-meter-high beluga is still vulnerable, on Sunday, August 7. However, the option of euthanasia is currently excluded. “It reacts to stimuli, it is not amorphous and moribund”said Lamia El-Smalali, president of the NGO Sea Shepherd.

Vets approached him on Saturday with the aim of managing the whales “Appetite Stimulants”Evro’s deputy governor confirmed during a press conference on Sunday, Isabelle Dorlett-Busay. “These injections made him feel tired at first.”, before monitoring renewable energy. But “Still not eating”, Deputy Governor alerted.

Stuck since Friday at the lock of Notre-Dame de la Garen (OR), 70 km northwest of Paris, andThe animal until then refused the herring, trout and squid that was offered to it. The animal’s nutritional deficiency isn’t recent, according to scientists cited by Evreux’s favorite. “Lack of appetite is definitely a symptom of something else, an origin we don’t know, a disease. He’s malnourished and dates back several weeks, even several months. At sea, he’s no longer eating”The sea shepherd abounded.

The most likely solution being considered on Sunday is to extract it from the water and then “Move it to a place of care so it can be brought back to sea”Isabelle Dorlet Posay said. Another possibility of preservation, “Let him end his life calmly like a very sick person who no longer has much hope in life.”

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