This missing actor is Tom Cruise’s cousin

Find out which cast member of Lost is Tom Cruise’s direct cousin. Hint: he’s not a member of Oceanic Flight 815!

all Lost Remember Ethan Rohm, more classically nicknamed “Ethan” in Lost, a member of the “The Others” faction, working as a doctor and surgeon. He’s the one who kidnapped Claire from Oceanic Flight 815 while she was pregnant, and to onlookers, Ethan is the first face of “evil” on the island, before more appeared.

During the series, we learn that Ethan is the son of Amy and Horace Goodspeed and that, like Ben, he grew up on the island under the DHARMA Initiative. He is killed by Charlie after Claire is kidnapped to treat her from episode 15 of season one. The character came back seven times after that, mostly in flashbacks, for a total of 11 episodes which was enough to make him unforgettable.

This striking face is that of comedian William Mapther. As soon as he appeared in the series in 2004, cinema began to fight for him, and he appeared in The Zodiac, The Grudge and The Lords of Dogtown. Glory no matter what, since it happened in 2006. What you may not know is his relationship with another actor, Tom Cruise.


Tom Cruise and his cousin

In fact, William Mapother’s father, William R. Mapother Sr., is the brother of Thomas Cruise Mapother III, the father of Mission: Impossible Star, whose full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. are you tracking?

The two cousins ​​appeared together on the screen five times. Initially, William was Tom’s “production assistant” in Cocktail, Rainman and Born on the Fourth of July (where he did a cameo job as a soldier). We find him twice in the Mission: Impossible 2 credits: as an actor and “special advisor,” whatever that means here. He can also be seen briefly on Magnolia, Vanilla Sky, and Minority Report (as a hotel concierge).


William Mapother

Since the loss, the two cousins ​​have not met on set. William drives his own boat and we can see him playing an important role in the sports movie Underdogs or the horror movie The Atticus Project, signing appearances in Jobs, I Origins or Hacker. However, he will have the opportunity to star in the unknown Another Land (2011) and Hurt (2009).

In recent years, we find him more regularly on television, in a few episodes of The Mentalist, Minority Report, Powers, Mac Gyver, Justified or Lethal Weapon. He just wrote a screenplay for the first time, On the Holy Land, a drama about building a pipeline through an Indian protectorate.

Top Gun: Maverick is still playing in theaters, starring Tom Cruise:

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