Jurassic Park: You don’t want to know how the birds of prey were making

To develop the sounds emitted by “Jurassic Park” dinosaurs, sound engineer Gary Rydstrom sometimes went looking too far. The origin of the raptor noise, for example, is particularly improbable!

We’re at the end of Jurassic Park, first name. Lex and Tim took refuge in the kitchens of the main complex. Hiding behind a metal table, they desperately try to escape the intervention of a particularly menacing dinosaur: the terrible Velociraptor.

During a series of anthologies, the prehistoric reptile managed to open the chamber door, advance a step or two, raise its head vertically, and let out three intense screams for help.

If fans of Steven Spielberg’s movie know this sound by heart, they’ve probably never heard of how it was made. And after all, it might be better this way…

As you will find out if your curiosity leads you to read the following lines of this article, the origin of this sound effect, developed by the famous sound engineer Gary Rydstrom, is the least exotic, improbable, and even downright obscene.

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In fact, as explained by Redstrom on the microphone Eagle In 2015, he got a bird of prey crying out by recording…a turtle in full physical activity!

“It’s very embarrassing, but when the birds of prey bark at each other to communicate, it means a turtle is having sex. It’s a turtle mating! I recorded it at MarineWorld”he stated, also explaining with humor that if people knew where the sounds of Jurassic Park came from, the movie probably wouldn’t be for everyone.

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Also in the article Eagle, Gary Rydstrom explains that he also used the sounds of horses and geese to give raptors a voice. As for the screams of the glymymus herd, in the middle of the film, we owe it once again to the animals unleashing their natural instincts!

“I remember recording a mare. The male horse came straight up, and the mare screamed because she was in heat. (…) It is the cry that gleemos make when they pass by, and the cry that makes someone go when a T-Rex eats them.”He says before adding: “One of the main elements used in raptor calls was the male dolphin in heat, so there’s kind of a leitmotif.”

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