Stage 3 of the Tour de Guadeloupe: Celestine Guillon wins at Trois-Rivieres! – Guadeloupe Tour 2022 on – Guadeloupe

13 o 24: Celestine Guillon of Laval Cycling 53 victories.
Stephen Bennett left the peloton, which collapsed. The runners fight among the top but not all of them have the same climbing skills.
13 Q15:
There are 2 kilometers left. Celestine Gillon remains in the lead.
1 pm:
Less than 15 km left of the race. Célestin Guillon from Laval is accelerating and leaving the leading group.
12 hours 50 minutes:
Florian Rabetto and Guillon of Laval Cycling 53 advanced just a few meters from the leading group.
12 x 34:
Marcel Bichges (Embracing the World) was brought down by the leading group at Betty Borg.
12 o 22:
The leading men are now 1 minute 20 ahead of the peloton.
12 o 11:
Florian Rabito won the “Hot Spots”. The leading group crosses the municipality of Petit-Burg.
11 Q53:
2021 Tour winner Stephen Bennett suffered a puncture.
11 Q40:
The runners arrive at the Gabarre Bridge.
11 o 25:
The peloton returns to the leading group.
11 o 22:
The leading group is up to Jansolin (Morne-à-L’Eau). We are almost halfway.
11:16 am:
Marcel Pechges joined the leading group.
11 o’clock:
Leading runners arrive at Petit-Canal.
10 x 55:
The peloton is now 1 minute and 45 behind the leading six contestants.
Marcel Bichgues exited the peloton and advanced by about thirty seconds.
10 o 26:
Three riders (including Palmiste and Vedel) victims of mechanical problems make an effort to join the peloton.
10 o 20:
Six riders: Florian Rapito and Celestine Gillon (Laval), Tom Donenwirth (UVMG), Philias Hansart (UVN), Matisse Julien (1er Tech), Axel Carnier (Martinique) broke off the race head.
Gabin Vedel (Guidon Sprinter Canalien) broke his chain, he would have to change his bike.
10 hours:
Two runners attempted to break away from the Burat summit in Sainte-Anne.
: Let’s go to this third stage!

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