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Back in the 90s, a point-and-click adventure game started Cans It was in development, and despite its cancellation, a fan has reworked the game’s structure that was leaked years ago.

The canceled game Warcraft: Lord of the Clans leaked online Back in 2016, although highly playable, the scenes were very high-resolution and low-resolution, with the sound not completely synchronized, and some scenes were simply missing. However, as I mentioned before computer games It was first seen IndieRetroNewsOne fan has spent the past six years re-mastering all the scenes to make the experience even more enjoyable.

This particular project was led by Modder DerSilver83, who paired the mini-remaster version with an extension Blog post discuss it. “I’ve been working on it for 6 years and in that time I’ve done almost everything I can do in a reasonable time frame to complete and improve the scenes,” DerSilver83 wrote. “For me, the game is a lot of fun right now and I don’t see any real point in improving the scenes any further.”

As part of the remaster, all low-resolution sights that could have been drawn by hand have been removed by DerSilver83. And some of the frames and assets had to be completely redrawn in Photoshop, which is important work.

Some new transition scenes have been created from the ground up to make things flow a little better, and all the sounds are synced properly too. The missing audio lines were also generated using text-to-speech software, based on the original text as well. Any continuity errors in the movie scenes have also been removed.

It should be noted that if you actually want to play the remaster, you will need the original files, which are not readily available due to Blizzard’s DMCA filing again when the leak occurred. but you can Download the reconfigured files here If you have the original search file somewhere, conveniently.

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