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The victim was originally from all over Reims, who had been placed in a home by the children’s judge, had been on the run since May.

Three men and a woman were in police custody in Compiegne on Sunday on suspicion of “Aggravation of pandering“After a 15-year-old girl was kidnapped and forced into prostitution, she said, she was able to contact the police, we learned from the prosecution.

to the victims,A 15-year-old since July 2022, contacted a friend who allegedly called 17 to report prostitution and kidnappingProsecutor Marie-Céline Lorez explained to AFP, confirming the information from Parisian .

Originally from around Reims, the teenagerThe children’s judge put her in a home in Châlons-en-Champagne for about two years“will be”Run away since MayAccording to the plaintiff.

«She says that she first worked as a prostitute in Paris, then wanted to escape from her Parisian pimps, and was taken by a man who took her to Amiens, where she also engaged in prostitution, before she left. To get to CompiegneLawrysz said.

«She was going to be a prostitute for three weeks in Compiegne. She says that at first she was a prostitute of her own free will, then the situation escalated, and she could have been isolatedShe added that the factsleft to clarify».

Two men known for acts of violence, drug smuggling or theft

The three men in question are Essonne, Seine-Saint-Denis, and Hauts-de-Seine, at least two of whom are known for acts of violence, drug smuggling or theft.

IV of Compiègne, suspected of “harboring the victim in the Compiègne شقة apartment». for the victimsIt states that she was visiting clientsFor permits, she explained.

Share everyoneIt remains to be determinedBut in acts of pimping over the palace, she said.We often encounter young girls in a difficult or financially unstable psychological situation. Alone, on the street, they should be housed to the right and left and quickly go into prostitution to earn money.».

Perhaps the defendants actJust a chance“, in “Take advantage of his weakness».

They were arrested on Saturday around 3:30 p.m. and could remain in custody for 96 hours. teenager tooSeveral other people disapproved».

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