In the face of rising extremism, Donald Trump proposes “abolishing” the US Department of Education – Le Journal du dimanche

7:04 PM, August 7, 2022

Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas on Saturday to denounce the current education policy, arguing that the school system is radicalizing children by teaching “inappropriate” things.

During his speech Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, Donald Trump
Called for the dismissal of the US Department of Education, reports independent

. In front of the assistance, the former US President announced that it is necessary to ban teaching, including ” Inappropriate racial, sexual and political material for school children in his own country. ” If the federal bureaucrats want to push this radicalism, we must abolish the Ministry of Education ’, he suggested it before the audience applauded for a long time.

Donald Trump also threatened schools, saying they would lose public funding if they added the 1619 slavery bill to the curriculum, and supporting a Republican senator bill calling for it to be banned. ” Children are raised to hate our country ‘The billionaire who thinks they are being pushed regrets’ to extremism ».

In the aftermath, the former US president introduced the idea of ​​reducing funding for schools to allow transgender children to compete in sports.

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“This section should not exist”

Last month, former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, a former member of the Trump administration, said she, in turn, said the department she headed for four years should be abolished.

« Personally, I think that the Department of Education should not exist ‘, I explained at a meeting of curators. For Betsy DeVos, the federal administration should be abolished in order to delegate decisions about education policy to state and local boards of directors. His argument was also met with applause.

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