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In the National Assembly, extraordinary sessions are often aptly named. Thursday, August 4, MPs, excited under their arms, rushed back to their constituencies. The final vote on government measures on “purchasing power” thus ended seven weeks of debate at the Bourbon Palace. As every elected representative, every group tried to make their way into this Assembly with shaky balances, the result of the legislative elections on June 12 and 19.

No absolute majority for Emmanuel Macron. 89 deputies from the extreme right. Union resurrected to the left. The Republican right is still standing. For the Speaker of the National Assembly, Yael Brown-Bevit, the institution is “More than ever it represents the French, and therefore, the divisions of society, political and ideological divisions”. The first woman elected to this position, the former head of the House Law Committee, is one of the symbols of this new balance of power between Parliament and the Executive, who was not the candidate pushed by the Elysee.

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Shocked by the loss of an absolute majority the day after the election – the group includes 250 deputies, and some elected representatives of the presidential camp were preparing to experience a major political crisis. After a month and a half, they were able to cope with adversity. “The texts of the laws were adopted, the joint committees (CMP) succeeded, there was no hindrance … the lights are green in the assembly taking its full place”M rejoices.I Brown Befitt.

Macron is in the minority

If the presidential coalition boasted of passing its three major bills on the agenda – on Covid-19 and purchasing power – they were presented as «Technologies» and others “consensus”The days and nights of debate to achieve the expected result raised doubts more than once among the majority. “Maybe we were naive in thinking it would pass more easily.”، «United Nations Observation Tour» .

Ennahda Group President, Auror Bergé, greets Agriculture Minister, Marc Visnu, at the National Assembly, July 11, 2022.

The opposition, though heterogeneous, has proven that it can put elected felines in the minority. The first warning came during the National Assembly’s review of the Covid-19 bill. Refusal of Article 2 of it (concerning the possibility of recovering the health passport “extra hexa”), on July 13, was enough to shake the executive branch. “the situation is dangerous”Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne alerted in the middle of the night. “Night Sunstroke”A few hours later, President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron uttered during his interview on July 14, before he was accused Baroque Alliance Between the National Rally (RN) and the Republicans (LR) and the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes). However, that evening, the terms of the New Political Deal were written into the National Assembly. No coalition government, even less scrutiny” text by text”, But a tough discussion on every amendment and every article.

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