Black Adam: release date, story … We are evaluating the new DC movie with The Rock

News culture Black Adam: release date, story … We are evaluating the new DC movie with The Rock

Black Adam unveiled a new trailer during Comic-Con 2022, presented by Dwayne Johnson himself. This is an opportunity to summarize all there is to know about this new DC movie.


  • What is the release date of Black Adam?
  • How do you see the black Adam in France?
  • How does the black Adam fit into the DC extended universe?
  • What is Black Adam Summary?
  • Who is the manager of Black Adam?
  • What is the Black Adam crew?

What is the release date of Black Adam?

Black Adam is scheduled to be released on October 19 in cinemasIn French cinemas. After waiting nearly 10 years and many postponements due to Covid-19, the project that Dwayne Johnson launched himself will finally see the light of day. The actor and former wrestler seems to have a deep respect for the source material:

I promised myself I wouldn’t sit on it until we shot the scene where Black Adam wins the privilege to sit on it. In the meantime, I just put my ass up on the steps and do my homework. – Dwayne Johnson.

Black Adam will of course be available in cinemas from October 19, 2022. As a reminder, Black Adam is a DC Comics character created in 1945 by Otto Binder and CC Beck as an evil version of the superhero Shazam. In ancient Egypt, the wizard Shazam wishes to protect the Earth from evil forces. This is why he presents to Teth Adam the powers of six Egyptian gods: sFresh, hera, aMonday zPick up, atone and MVerse. He enters the service of Prince Khufu before the death of the latter. Adam, deeply affected by this loss, decided to use his powers to achieve his own goals. In response, Shazam decided to put him in an amulet and bury him in the tomb of Ramses II. Centuries later, CC and Marilyn Batson discover the amulet. They are assassinated by their partner Theo Adam and the latter monopolizes before gaining her powers and the memory of Black Adam.

We’ll warn you now, SnyderVerse is definitely dead, DC Creative Director Jim Lee assured us. What Zack Snyder tried to build fell apart after Justice League. Where, The DC Extended Universe is trying to reinvent itself with productions independent of each other. So come out with Superman Henry Cavill, Batman Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher Cyborg, and Ezra Miller’s Flash. The film appears to be taking the direction of The Suicide Squad, The Batman, or the Joker by freeing itself from the universe made in Snyder even if it is technically a part of it.

Black Adam: release date, story ... We are evaluating the new DC movie with The Rock

What is Black Adam Summary?

Here is the official summary for Black Adam:

Nearly 5,000 years after being gifted by the mighty powers of the Egyptian gods and imprisoned at the same speed, the Black Adam has been freed from his earthly tomb, ready to bring his unique form of justice to the modern world.

The film will introduce a new team of superheroes: the Justice Society of America, famous in the comics. It will consist of Doctor Fate, Cyclone, Atom Smasher, and Hawkman.

Who is the manager of Black Adam?

This is the Spanish director Jaume Colette Serra Responsible for the investigation of the movie Black Adam. He actually worked with Dwayne Johnson in 2021 for Jungle Cruise. There are other action movies in his filmography, such as The Passenger which was released in 2017. But he is famous for his horror movies. His first movie was released in 2005, and it was a remake of the 1953 movie House of Wax. It continued with Esther which came out in 2009 which was a huge box office success.

What is the Black Adam crew?

In the selection of actors we find the incredible Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonFamous former American wrestler. After turning again as an actor, he had the opportunity to play in several films, 42 in total including Black Adam. Seeing him play is fun in every movie (objectively, of course). next to him we find Pierce Brosnan In the role of Dr. Fiat, Quintessa Swindell Who embodies Cyclone, Noah Centineo For Atom Smasher and Aldis Hodge Hockman.

Black Adam: release date, story ... We are evaluating the new DC movie with The Rock

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