The Extraordinary Back-to-School Bonus: LR Senators Make Their Party’s Deputies Cough

9:30 AM, August 7, 2022

“Distinguished from the majority, yes, but not nonsense”The Vice-Republican (LR) grumbled. He didn’t appreciate that his fellow senators decided, early on Wednesday, to deprive Social Minimum recipients of the exceptional €100 Back-to-School Bonus to be held only for Activity Bonus recipients, in the name of defending “value of work”. A decision that amounted, as indicated by the Minister Plenipotentiary of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, during the debate in the Senate, to deprive 4 million families of this assistance: scholarship students but also recipients of active solidarity income and solidarity allowance for the elderly.

Finally, representatives and senators agreed in a joint committee that the recipients of the social minimum as poor workers would receive the premium. Even if it means spending an additional 100 million euros. But the incident, which sparked outcry on the left, risks leaving traces on the right, by highlighting the differences in the line between MPs and senators. And so LR’s President of Senators, Bruno Ritayo, claimed that he wanted “Pay the work and get out of the logic of help”. He has already tried, in vain, to pass the RSA re-evaluation from 4% to 3.5%.

« batons »

But part of the group in the National Assembly, on the contrary, advocates a social right rather than a liberal one. We found out in the press.a deputy from LR is surprised about the Senate amendment, while another, a member of LR Young Guard, says to himself ” Unlike “ with this initiative. “I am 100% in favor of helping poor workers, but leaving students in a precarious situation or poor pensioners on the ground is not possible, Add another deputy. If what the right French promise is batons and screws, it doesn’t make you dream…” Government and left opposition to the Senate’s amendment on the back-to-school bonus saved LR MPs from having to comment on the subject and allowed the right to maintain its unity. It may just be a postponement.

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