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Garmin It is a well-known brand when we talk about wearable devices. The company has a wide range of feature-rich smartwatches. Garmin’s diverse lineup of products had a new subscriber with the launch Garmin Vivomove Sport Hybrid Smart Watch. The wearable provides the experience of both a smartwatch and an analog watch. We’ve been using this sleek looking smartwatch for quite some time and here’s our full review:.

Garmin Vivomove Sport is a modern and stylish hybrid smartwatch. The lightweight smartwatch weighs only 30 grams and its round dial makes it comfortable to wear. The smartwatch comes in multiple color options – black, green, beige and brown allowing you to choose the color that suits you best. Our unit was green in color which looks very elegant and elegant. You can also switch watch straps to get the most out of your hybrid smartwatch.

Garmin Vivomove sport features a circular OLED display. The 0.34-inch screen offers a resolution of 72 x 154 pixels. The body of the smartwatch is made using a fiber-reinforced polymer, while the lenses are made using chemically strengthened glass. The watch face of the hybrid smartwatch hides a small OLED display that displays all the stats right on your wrist. Clicking on the small screen allows you to access all the records and information. The design does not look as excellent as other smartwatches on the market, but it could be a choice for people who want the best of both worlds. The hybrid smartwatch is also water resistant which makes it ideal for workout sessions.

Features and performance
The Garmin Vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch offers many easy-to-use features. The device can fully track your health and fitness. It can track heart rate, breathing, sleep, blood oxygen, steps, stress levels, menstrual cycle and more. The wearable also comes with an interesting Garmin Body Battery feature. As the name suggests, the Body Battery feature is designed to monitor your body’s energy throughout the day. If you have slept well at night, the body battery level will be around 85 to 90 and will range from 30 to 40 after a moderate work day. As mentioned above, the wearable device can also track your stress levels. During our testing, the hybrid smartwatch provided very accurate results. Stress levels increased while we were doing some official tasks and decreased while we were watching some light and fun content.

The Garmin Vivomove hybrid smartwatch also offers a feature called Timed Physical Activity. You can set the feature for any type of physical activity like running, cycling, strength training, yoga and more. The smartwatch will help you keep track of every step of your physical activity, then all the data is saved in your app so you can analyze it later.

The Gramin Hybrid SmartWatch can also be used as a companion to your smartphone.

You can receive alerts for incoming and outgoing calls, messages, media playback, calendar and weather updates. You can also set pre-programmed responses to messages and you can then send them later directly from the smartwatch. The wearable ran smoothly during the test. She has performed smoothly through all the tasks assigned to her.

You can use a hybrid smartwatch in sync with the Garmin Connect app available on Android and iOS platforms. The interface of the app is easy to understand and easy to use as well. You can access detailed metrics and physical history of all activities performed. The only thing we felt was missing from the smartwatch was the built-in GPS support.

The Garmin Vivomove Sport hybrid watch promises 5 days of battery backup on a single charge. However, in our testing, the hybrid smartwatch lasted for about three days. The battery backup was fine on the Garmin Vivomove Sport, but we expected a better battery backup because it’s a hybrid smartwatch. It is very easy to charge the wearable device; A full charge takes about an hour with the help of a 10W charger.

The Garmin Vivomove Sport comes at a price of 18,990 rupees. Those who don’t want to give up analog watches and still want to try a smartwatch will love this hybrid smartwatch. The hybrid watch doesn’t offer long battery life, but the fitness and health tracking features make it a winner. The accuracy of the data provided by Garmin also works in its favor.


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