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British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is comfortably ahead of her rival, Rishi Sunak, the former finance minister, in the race to succeed Boris Johnson. The contenders, opponents on economic issues and purchasing power, will be decided at the beginning of September by a vote of Conservative Party members. As a result, he assumed leadership of political training as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak Can he still catch the race to Downing Street? The latest opinion polls show the Minister of Foreign Affairs Les Truss Largely in the lead, with the support of 58% of Conservative Party members, against 26% in favor of Rishi Sunak and 12% undecided, according to a study by ConservativeHome published on Thursday, August 4th.

The contenders were chosen by Tory MPs after a series of five votes, and the contenders will be decided by about 180,000 Tory party members after a mail vote, the result of which is expected on 5 September.

To recover, Rishi Sunak is relying on his image as a competent manager and his management of the health crisis, during which more than £300 million (€355 million) has been spent to support the country’s economy. A position nonetheless lends itself to criticism from its rival, who condemns historical budget deficits and excessively high taxes.

Britain’s diplomatic chief has already enticed Tory party members with a classic but always effective formula with the Conservatives: promises of tax cuts to spur economic growth and reduce a purchasing power crisis.

But the Conservative vote in the UK is no longer limited to the elderly and wealthy voters from the south of the country who have traditionally been the primary target of the Conservatives. The 2019 general election was thus marked by the collapse of what the British call the “red wall”, the fall of Labor strongholds in North Wales and England, and relegated to the Conservative Party. A new voter who can be seduced by the most popular tone of Liz Truss’ speech.

France 24 hosts the race to Downing Street with Sir John Curtis, Professor of Politics at the University of Strathclyde.

France 24: Why does Liz Truss outperform Rishi Sunak among the Conservative party?

Sir John Curtis: Liz Truss has played a role in the unease within the Conservative Party about higher taxes and public spending in the wake of Covid – and has effectively used the issue of purchasing power to lobby for tax cuts.

She also manages to present herself as a normal person, while Rishi Sunak is seen as a spoiled child outside of Winchester. [l’une des plus prestigieuses écoles privées du Royaume-Uni, NDLR] And now he, with his wife, is at the helm of a real fortune. This position is far from clear. Liz Truss’ father was a mathematics teacher and the area of ​​Leeds she came from was relatively wealthy.

The third factor is that Rishi Sunak suffered consequences Party Gate In addition to the fluctuations of the tax domicile of his wife Akshata Murti, who did not pay taxes on income earned abroad while living in the UK. Had the vote been taken six months earlier, Rishi Sunak would have easily won. But today it suffers from a real decline in its popularity.

Rishi Sunak has chosen to side with the Conservative Party as the candidate with the best chance of winning with the general public in the upcoming general election. Why doesn’t this tactic seem to work? Does he really have a better chance of winning than Liz Truss?

None of the candidates has a real advantage to win the upcoming elections. I can take you out on public opinion polls who favor Truss, others who support Sunak, and quite a few other polls where they are tied.

What really matters today is that Conservative Party members believe Liz Truss has a better chance of winning.

Rishi Sunak enjoys the image of a competent manager, quite the ‘Prime Minister’. We saw it during the last TV debate: he made a strong impression with his mastery of the files. The problem is that he seemed a little aggressive at times during his BBC debate last week […]. A somewhat arrogant arguing way that could hurt him against Liz Truss, who plays the average guy who understands people’s concerns all too well.

What are their chances of leading the Conservative Party to another victory in the next general election?

The Conservative Party is concerned about getting into business while public spending and tax levels are too high. It hasn’t been stressed enough that the Conservatives may have to deal with the biggest drop in UK living standards since World War II.

This is something that is difficult for any government to overcome. But the Conservatives still have a chance to win because voters are also not convinced that Labor has any solutions.

Whether Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak wins, the next Tory leader will find himself in a very similar position to Gordon Brown, the former Labor leader. The latter became prime minister during the second half of the legislature, before a major economic crisis hit the country. [Gordon Brown est devenu Premier ministre en 2007, juste avant la crise de 2008 ; il a ensuite perdu les élections générales de 2010, NDLR.]

Furthermore, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer failed to formulate an alternative vision for the running of the country. If he does not succeed in these times of economic crisis, one wonders if he will ever succeed…

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