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This week’s news is dominated by a new heat wave, the fourth and most important this summer. It promises to be permanent, and extends to almost the entire country. This heat wave exacerbates drought and increases the risk of wildfires.

This heat wave is associated with an anticyclone blocking the British Isles and blowing very hot air out of Morocco. Thus, France will find itself at the heart of this thermal dome, with exceptionally high temperatures and a glowing sun.

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Monday, the strongest temperatures relate to the southwest and southeast of the country, with temperatures over 35°C during the day. Elsewhere, after a very mild start to the morning (between 16 and 24°C from north to south), we will find between 30 and 34°C most often. On the side of the sky, except for a few high clouds flying over the Atlantic coast and a few large cumulus clouds in the mountains with an isolated thunderstorm at the heights of the Alps and the Pyrenees, the sun will rise without participation.

Mardi and others WednesdayThe sun will continue to rule. Northeast winds will exacerbate the drought. A few heat storms are expected over the Pyrenees, the Southern Alps and the Corsica terrain. In the morning it will already be mild, between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius from north to south. In the afternoon it will be warmer and warmer with 36 to 38°C in the southwest and 32 to 35°C elsewhere, except near the English Channel due to the breeze as well as at the edge of the Mediterranean where the sea winds are lower Temperatures.

Thursday and others FridayThe heat wave will continue to increase. Heat wave thresholds will be reached across most of France, especially in the west and in the center where we expect around 37 to 39°C in the afternoon and 34 to 36°C elsewhere. On the side of the sky, except for some local thunderstorms in the mountains, in the Pyrenees and the Alps in the afternoon, it will always get dry under the scorching sun. Note that Marin and Autan will blow moderately in their areas, up to 60 km/h in storms, increasing the risk of fires and vegetation fires.

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