Drought: “Green Brigades” ensure water restrictions are respected – Europe 1

In 66 circles put into a state of crisis because of droughtThe rules are clear. Water is precious and can only be used in certain specific cases. Forget watering greenery or filling swimming pools. To ensure adherence to the instructions, “Green Brigades” were mobilized in the respective regions. Europe 1 followed one of them in Top Rhine.

Green polo shirts on the shoulders and footguards, Emily Manon and Pierre Paul Spitz barely made it to the office when they already had to get in the car to leave to intervene. “We got an invitation for someone to pass on Kärcher,” explains Pierre Paul. However, it is forbidden to clean your yard during droughtwhich not many people know.

“Currently, on average we do two interventions per day, I would say,” estimates Pierre Paul. “We also have a lot of people calling us to ask us, if they have the right, if they don’t,” adds Manon Emily. Pierre Paul concludes: “The secretariat is overburdened.”

‘More information than in repression’

Also burdened with calls to denounce offending neighbors. “We have denunciations, but also notes on our part. When we’re on patrol and we see someone going through Kärcher, quench… “.There are still traces of irrigation in this house.” Here, we can clearly see that the Karcher has thrown the earth aside and we can see that the water has dried up,” explains Manon.

The owner of the building is not on site, unlike his grandson. “For the record, this is forbidden, there is a water restrictionPierre Paul told him. The offender gets away with a simple warning: “We are more in information than in repression. Often times people don’t realize it, so we warn them in the hope that they don’t have to go back. On the other hand, if we go back there, we won’t let it pass. The fine can come up to 1500 euros.

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