Critérium Dun-le-Palestel - Rémi Cavagna victorieux devant Pierre Rolland

Critrium Don Le Ballestelle: Remy Cavagna victorious against Pierre Rolland – Cyclism’Actu

Standard Den Lee Ballistel

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Version 57 of Den Lee Ballistel Standard Held on Saturday evening, it’s Claremontwice Remy Cavagna (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl) who won the Creuse game! which we callTGV from Clermont-FerrandLed in the enemy Pierre Roland (B&B Hotels-KTM) and German Simon Jishek (Cofidis). Lilly’s arrival was met with great public enthusiasm around 10:30 pm. It’s always nice to run with all these supporters, I’ve done benchmarks, and I’ve never seen such popular enthusiasm. yI find it wonderful to have people gather like this in the evening.”He said all smiles Remy Cavagna I have France Blue Hollow.

Video – Former French champion Cavagna wins a cross

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