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Unlike the models you’re used to in the city, a travel bike should still be comfortable in all conditions, even if you encounter stone, twigs or other roughness. Difficult to find your way among the many references available? Choosing the best travel bikes should help you find your future nature riding companion.

Choosing the 10 best travel bikes at the moment

Eleglide M1 Plus: Powerful Electric Bicycle with LCD Control Display

Eliglide M1 Plus Bike – D

This new version differs from the previous one with a slightly larger frame and a more powerful battery. With a Shimano 21-speed derailleur and adaptive LED headlights, this bike has a range of 100km with electric assistance (or 50km with 100% electric). We only regret that there are no practical accessories, such as mudguards or a smartphone holder.

the most:

  • Durable 27.5″ tires
  • control screen
  • Comfortable comment

the least :

  • No bumpers or accessories

26″ Vivi Bike: Full Suspension & Removable Battery

Bicycle 26 inch from Vivi
Fifi 26 Inch Bicycle – DR

Practical and efficient, this bike can be transported in the trunk thanks to the foldable chassis. The full suspension greatly reduces the discomfort caused by off-road damping. Reaching a maximum speed of 25km/h, this travel bike changes the type of assistance (without assistance, 100% electric or electric) of a smart LCD meter. Only downside: customer service is hard to come by.

the most:

  • Full suspension folding electric bike
  • 40 to 70 km autonomy in assistance (35 km in 100% electric)
  • Removable 36V battery

the least :

  • Unresponsive customer service

Eskute Warfarer: brushless motor and autonomy of up to 60 km

Eskute Warfarer bike
Eskute Warfarer Bike – D

It features durable 28-inch wheels, which are suitable for long trips. The removable battery built directly into the frame remains discreet. It offers a range of 35 km to 45 km in 100% electric and up to 60 km in assistance. The large LCD display indicates the type of assistance selected, the average speed and the remaining battery. However, we regret the manipulations necessary to remove the battery, which requires a certain talent.

the most:

  • The most powerful brushless motor
  • 36V/10AH discreet removable battery
  • 5 levels of electrical assistance

the least :

  • Hard to remove the battery

Fat Bike Ride66: 180kg maximum payload and 75km range 100% electric

Riding a fat bike VTT 66
VTT Fat Bike Ride66 – D

Supporting a total load of 180kg, this travel bike has amazing performance. Assist mode allows rides of up to 130 km and up to 75 km with 100% electric power. Large wheels and suspension system smooth out the roughness of the road or track. Certainly powerful, this electric bike must be secured as a motorcycle to comply with the legislation (more than 250W motor).

the most:

  • Max cargo 180kg
  • Assist range is up to 130 km (and 75 km is 100% electric)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

the least :

  • It must be secured like a motorbike

Dece Oasis A20F: 3 Auxiliary Modes and All-Terrain Wheels for Fat Bikes

Bike A Dece Oasis A20F
Bike A Dece Oasis A20F – D

Reducing its bulk thanks to the innovative folding system, this travel bike can be easily transported. The aluminum alloy frame combines strength and lightness. Fat-Bike wheels handle any terrain and absorb shock. Electric assist improves comfort during prolonged use. The USB socket on the steering wheel allows you to charge a smartphone using a small portion of the battery.

the most:

  • Bicycle folding system and wheels
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • USB socket on the steering wheel

the least :

  • ugly center bar

Unicorn Bike Powerful 2D bike: front and rear disc brakes and 21 speed derailleur

2D Powerful Unicorn Bike
Unicorn Bike Strong 2D – D

Recommended on steep slopes or mountain trails, this mountain bike is equipped with full suspension. The 21-speed transmission provides a smooth, natural shift. Available in 26, 27.5 and 29 inch sizes, Fat-Bike wheels are wear-resistant. Front and rear disc brakes improve safety, though we deplore the lack of lighting and assembly instructions.

the most:

  • 3 sizes available
  • Fat bike and full suspension
  • disc brakes

the least :

  • No instructions for assembling the lights or brakes

Todimart Fat-Bike Folding Bike: LED Headlights & Rear Stop Light

Todimart Fat Bike Folding Bike
Todmart Folding Bike For Bike – D

Compact and discreet, this travel bike is suitable for both city and country use. Folding, it can be easily transported in the luggage compartment or by hand. Fat-Bike tires are equipped with disc brakes, both front and rear. In order to improve safety, this model has front and rear lights (brake light) and a horn. Two luggage racks are included, although it should be noted that the electric bike has a maximum weight of 100 kg.

the most:

  • Fat bike wheels and foldable frame
  • Removable battery with a range of 45 to 60 km
  • Headlights/rear lights and horn

the least :

26-inch Probike Extreme: Twisted gear changes and good damping

26 inch Probike Extreme Bike
Probike Extreme 26 inch bike – D

Comfortable during prolonged use, this travel bike handles many terrains. Suitable for sizes between 1.50m and 1.80m, it has mudguards and a full suspension system. V-Brake brakes reduce speed as needed and smoothly. Each new derailleur is operated by a twist-grip for smooth switching. Only downside: It’s a rather complicated assembly for beginners.

the most:

  • rugged mountain bike
  • Twisted grip speeds
  • full comment

the least :

  • A little difficult to assemble

Bikestar MTB: Comfortable suspension and lightweight aluminum frame


With 3 wheel sizes available (26, 27.5 and 29 inch), this bike is suitable for all body types. Front and rear disc brakes provide optimum control while descending. Recommended for mountain touring, this travel bike features a solid frame and suspension fork. This particular stiffness improves power transmission and therefore climb speed.

the most:

  • Solid chassis and suspension fork
  • Shimano 21 speed derailleur
  • 3 wheel sizes available

the least :

  • Not recommended for urban use

Ancheer 26 inch bike: foldable frame and disc brakes

26 inch bike from Ansher
Ansher 26 inch bike – DR

This electric bike is easy to use thanks to its foldable frame. Equipped with a removable battery, it offers a range of 25-50 km depending on the level of assistance chosen. This bike tackles any terrain with full suspension and a powerful braking system. We only regret that there are no instructions in French, even if this form was delivered 90% assembled.

the most:

  • Sturdy and foldable frame
  • Battery with multiple protections (overcharge, shutdown, short circuit…)
  • Dual front and rear disc brakes

the least :

  • No instructions in French

How do you choose your travel bike?

A travel bike is selected mainly according to its size and degree of damping. Generally used in the middle of nature, it should be able to stand up to several types of terrain and inclinations. If you are planning car trips before getting on your bike, a folding bike can be a good alternative.

What is the difference between a travel bike and a traditional bike?

A classic bike is generally used in an urban environment, as opposed to a travel bike. So the latter should be comfortable and strong, especially when used in the forest or in the mountains.

All you have to do is choose your travel bike from this selection to set out to discover the corners of nature, on weekends or on vacation.

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