Thor 4: Taika Waititi teases the importance of this new character in the MCU sequel

The fourth part of the franchise ox No sooner had it hit cinemas than fans really started wondering what awaits God of Thunder in the future of the MCU. Where will the new characters be introduced love and thunder Within stages 5 and 6? According to Taika Waititi, the film’s director, At least one of them will be very present at the front of the stage.. a decision that comes from the leaders of Marvel Studios, not from the director!

This character will be influential in the MCU sequel

In the first post-credits scene of love and thunderWe discover that Zeus, the king of Olympus, who was mortally wounded by the god of thunder, is actually completely alive. We hear him complain that humans no longer have any respect for the Greek gods and They prefer to worship the guards from now on. And the one who heard it is none but his son Hercules, whose introduction to this theory was provided in bull 4It is entrusted with the task of restoring his dignity. A character who will be part of the future of the MCU, as revealed by Taika Waititi during a question/answer question shared by a Reddit user.

“And yet [un des dirigeants de Marvel Studios] was like, “We will introduce Herculeset hum, ça n’avait aucun sens pour moi, je ne savais même pas que c’était un personnage de Marvel, mais hum, apparemment c’est le cas, et hum…. C’est bien, je sens that It unlocks something completely new As I will not be invited to attend and participate, but I am happy for all who love the Greek gods.

This interview should be with Taika Waititi Hercules lovers delightbut implicitly, the director’s words express above all a lack of creative control love and thunder…as always when the interference of producers is too much, it gives incoherent and sloppy films, a far cry from the vision their directors had of them. Exactly what he was accused of bull 4, disjointed and cluttered. Whatever happens, if Taika Waititi will not be part of projects involving HerculesAs he says himself, since he wasn’t invited by Marvel Studios, the last sentence seems to leave the door open for important things to do with the character, as “Greek Gods” buffs are likely to enjoy.

Does this mean that Hercules will appear in the next movie oxHe hasn’t announced yet, or will he join the Avengers? Can we also hope for a movie or series centered around Hercules, as we mention Several dates were announced by Marvel at the latest San Diego Comic Conwithout linking these dates to a project known to the public.

What do you think of the director’s words and Hercules’ arrival in the MCU?

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