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On Saturday, August 6, the former volunteer firefighter was placed in remand after he voluntarily started a vegetable fire in the town of Biznas.

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A former volunteer firefighter was placed in pre-trial detention for a voluntary outbreak of a plant fire in a natural and agricultural area north of the city of Bezinas, he points out, in a press release, to the Prosecutor’s Office of Beziers which requested psychological expertise of the person concerned.

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On August 2, the fire spread over an area of ​​approximately 500 m2 without causing any damage to the homes. “The Gendarmerie of the Biznas Provincial Brigade was informed of the suspicious behavior of a man who was present at the scene [de l’incendie] who were also seen earlier in the afternoon when the first outbreak of fire was quickly contained by the firefighters‘, Detail of the parquet floor in Béziers.

On the same day of the events, the gendarmerie managed to identify and arrest the alcoholic suspect. Awakening, the 33-year-old Villeurbanne resident and former Ardish County volunteer firefighter between 2008 and 2011 admitted to being the owner of the fire. “He indicated that he regretted what he did, which he explains by his addiction to alcohol‘, defines the parquet floor in Béziers.

The suspect, who had already been convicted of spousal violence, denied that he caused the first fire. He was referred and placed in pretrial detention, and he will appear on September 28, 2022 before the Criminal Court on charges of the two fires. He faces a 10-year prison sentence.

On July 28, another volunteer firefighter from Herault was indicted and remanded in custody. He is suspected of causing eight fires in the department this summer.

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