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It’s summer, vacation. Sunrise. The ice cream is good. Fun cocktails. You have honey-colored skin (that’s From all sides). You thought nothing could spoil Augustus’ happiness, until this mosquito pdf reminds you of his existence…hard. To find your own Dolce Vitta without mosquitoes (“mosquito” in Polish, I think), it’s important to determine what attracts them. Surprise, the light is not part of this top! No, they are not at all attracted to your bulb, they are attracted to everything on that top. Stop storing the Camembert in your bedside table, it would already be much better.

1. Carbon dioxide from our breath

Ah super bah, here’s good news to start this top off. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, something we constantly produce when we breathe. As if that wasn’t annoying enough, they could pick up that scent from 30 meters away.

The solution ? He stopped breathing. Dangerous but effective against mosquitoes. Live or fend off your creatures, you get to choose.

2. Our body odor

Oh wonderful! Another thing you can’t really change. Body odor, perfume, shower gel, … Mosquitoes love it.

The solution ? Stop washing. Or at least stop washing smelly things. Choose a “Grailon” or “tuna juice” scent to lower the risk.

3. Sweating

It’s also part of the components of our body odor: sweat irritates mosquitoes. The more they sweat, the more they stink, the happier they are. They especially like waste that contains it, such as lactic acid or ammonia. What a bunch of shit.

The solution ? Don’t pretend. keep going.

4. Certain colors

In the summer, there is clearly Clothes colors don’t wear : red, orange, black and sky blue. Our little friends (actually not) love it mosquitoes and won’t hesitate to tell you a gentle eye touch.

The solution ? Leave his Desigual collection in the closet. Well hidden. Really well hidden.

5. Stagnant water

We have more than you think! Animal water bowls, saucers under vases, a forgotten ashtray filled with rainwater, … These little springs are a real paradise for mosquitoes. A special place for females who want to lay their eggs. The eggs that will become larvae. Then the larvae that will become a mob of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. in your garden. scary.

The solution ? is moving. It’s safer.


6. Heat

Like many insects, mosquitoes especially appreciate heat and humidity, which is ideal for their survival. For them, a heat wave is a gift sent directly from angels.

The solution ? Going to live on the ice floe. Or in Brittany, in fact.

7. Cheese

I was talking to you about lactic acid earlier: Well, that’s the jackpot. Not to mention the smell of bacteria in the cheese that makes mosquitoes love it too. In short, a Food to avoid If you want to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

The solution ? Eat only fried potatoes.

8. Drinking alcohol

Who would have believed that? Mosquito, in fact, it’s the drunk uncle! In addition to cheese, this Bon Vivantes says no to a little blood alcoholic, which is a way of not giving up on what. According to a 2011 French study, the alcohol contained in certain cans of beer can increase the number of bites by 30%.

The solution ? bitten It’s boring, but less boring than life without Rijkaard.


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