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During the summer, the neighbor’s car takes a vacation, but not quite. The series has been transformed into five episodes to answer the question you’ve always asked yourself: What are the personal cars of Karadisiak journalists? Very modern, strong and shiny cars? subordinate Young Times ? old cars? Watch out for surprises. This week, Alan Daldam, the man with the camera, introduces us to his recent acquisition and explains his reasons for choosing him.

The car is sometimes a source of contention between love. So when Alan Dahldam, photographer, editor, director, journalist, and Swiss Army Knife from Karadisiak decided to buy a car, things got complicated at home. Because he had set his sights on Suzuki Ignis. But the funny little car was not to his wife’s taste. Don’t Care: To keep the family peace, he changed his brand, but not nationality, as he ended up deciding on a Honda Jazz Crossstar.

Caradisiac’s own neighbor’s car. Alain chose the SUV version of Honda Jazz, for the color of its dashboard

For him, jazz responds more or less to the same philosophy as Ignis. “Both are reliable, flexible, and well-equipped, even if jazz is a little more routeThe guy slides by the camera. But why the hell set his sights on the SUV version of the Jazz, the Crosstar? “accident” Alan advances at first, before admitting: “It’s also because of its black interior. My wife doesn’t want a dashboard and light seats.” However, the Crosstar is only available in a darker livery on the inside. Female opportunity and choices are doing things well, spot the model he was looking at at his agency during an open house a few months ago.

But the Honda, jazz or not, was not given. This model is offered in its high-end finish at a price of 27,900 euros. However, the one that Alan coveted has already covered 13,000 km. How do you get a great discount? Less than 10,000 euros. The deal is concluded quickly and the videographer, with his beaming wife, leaves at the wheel of the on-board car that has already accumulated more than 6000 kilometers in a few months.

Caradisiac's own neighbor's car.  Alain chose the SUV version of Honda Jazz, for the color of its dashboard

Here are the city car owners. “City Girl?” This has a knack for annoying our guy. “It’s actually an old school charter. A few years ago it was 4 million.” While today it is the size of Renault Clio. And to overcome the single maneuver in terms of the size of all sectors of cars. On the other hand, if he estimates this inflation in centimeters moderately, he agrees with that of the onboard equipment and decides that his jazz is well gifted, and very well equipped in terms of storage. They certainly don’t let him put his lights, his legs, his cameras there, “But the cabin is big and flexible enough for that.”

A car built to last before it became electric

A car for leisure, work, city and country, jazz is economical. “I use 3.8 liters in the city and 5.1 liters on the road”, because the hybrid, unlike the thermocouple, is more economical on the streets than on the highway. This car is not expensive, practical, not very voracious and therefore has no drawbacks. At least for now, and at least in the mind of its owner who intends to keep it for a very long time. “This hybrid for me is the last step before the end of the heat.” How about buying an electric car? Provided that the interior is not too obvious and its design is to the taste of the lady.

Caradisiac's own neighbor's car.  Alain chose the SUV version of Honda Jazz, for the color of its dashboard

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