Nintendo Switch: You can’t even imagine how important and cheap this accessory is

News Scholarship Scheme Nintendo Switch: You can’t even imagine how important and cheap this accessory is

There are a lot of accessories for the Nintendo Switch, but one stands out more than the other. It is hard to do without as the console lacks the internal storage space to keep all its games internally.

SanDisk microSDXC primary card is on sale at Amazon

Amazon is always there for deals. It’s the turn of the most desirable accessory for the Nintendo Switch to see itself in decline. SanDisk SD cards, in the official Nintendo version, are in significant decline. There are some for all sizes.

So we find the models from 64 GB to 512 GB for sale on Amazon:

  • A microSD card with a capacity of 64 GB rises from 26 euros to 18 EURi.e. 29% discount
  • 128GB microSD card rises from €43 to 29 euroi.e. 31% discount
  • 256 GB microSD card rises from 94 euros to 50 euroi.e. 46% reduction
  • A 512GB microSD card goes from €183 to just 100 EURi.e. 45% off

Buy 128GB Micro SD Card at 29€ from Amazon

SanDisk microSD card guaranteed!

The SD card is the accessory that is almost mandatory to purchase with the Nintendo Switch. Especially if you want to have a beautiful library right on your console. Gamers who would rather have all their games boxed in will be less affected, even if the console’s internal storage isn’t enough for anyone after a few months.

The 128GB model has a Mario Mushroom to differentiate itself from the crowd. It is capable of transferring up to 100MB/s in transfer rate. Which will be enough for a classic Nintendo Switch, Lite or OLED.

As a bonus, this SD card can also be used in your phone. There is no exclusive for Nintendo products. Only the design changes, but the capabilities are the same. The SanDisk SD Card will perfectly complement your Android smartphone or Nintendo Switch of choice.

Regardless of the capacity chosen, these are very good deals. They are all in promotion, whether the 64GB version or even the 512GB version!

Buy 128GB Micro SD Card at 29€ from Amazon

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