On a 4-meter boat he made, this Breton sailed around the world

Yann Quenet, who returned to Brittany on Saturday 6 August 2022, achieved a real feat with this crossing of the seas of the globe in 3 years. © Jan Andre

It is an adventure worthy of the greatest navigators. Yan Quint, from Saint-Brieuc (Cotes d’Armor) where made from scratch Small sailboat 4 meters long onlywas hailed as champion on Saturday 6 August 2022 after completing it in 3 years around the world.

“Well done Yan! Can we read on this sign? Bagad and Gwen Ha Du were also outside to greet him. © Jan Andre

“something crazy”

And the Benefit in his blog By a few thousand enthusiasts like him, praised them The specialized magazine Voiles et Voiliers and others The local press reports it as it should. “Something crazy,” sums up the fan in his own way.

On this beautiful sunny morning on Brittany, Many curious people and friends hastened to come and welcome him at the port of Le Légué in Saint-Brieuc. Rangers and Gwen Ha The (Bretton flag editor’s note) It was there, too.

Approximately 20,000 km

His 12,000-mile (nearly 20,000 km) journey that began in 2019 first took him to the caribbean, Then off the Australian coast acrossThe Pacific Oceanbefore joining theSouth Africathen Brazil, To cross at the end for the third time Atlantic Until landing in the Azores in June 2022.

This map shows Baluchon's journey since he left Lisbon in 2019.
This map shows Baluchon’s career since leaving Lisbon in 2019. © Eric MARECH

All on the back of a walnut shell that costs just €4,000. The first attempt, 7 years ago, resulted in Shipwreck from his pelvis. Not enough to discourage the fifty-year-old, who this time knew how to take his tiny sailboat to the end of the world and back.

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Not without suffering from ‘a few big bulges and storms”, He learns about Yann Quenet who thought Baluchon, the name of his small boat, was about to explode when he was caught in a hurricane in recession (the convergence of the tropics in the middle of the Atlantic) that the sailors of the Vendée Globe fear.

Baluchon, a small sailboat 4 meters long, cost only 4000 euros to manufacture.
Baluchon, a small sailboat 4 meters long, cost only 4000 euros to manufacture. © Jan Andre

The Briochin smiles when he finds himself on the floor: “But there have been more good times than bad.”

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They are, in fact, above all else, moments of abundance that come together. You have to love to be meditative, to abandon yourself to observe birds and dolphins and the distance …

Yan Quint, navigator

A smartphone as a GPS device

While today’s boats have too much sensors and technology on board, Yann Quenet’s boat lacks them completely. “My smartphone was my GPS and that’s it. I recharged it with a solar panel. In the event of a crash, I would have headed west and would have ended up finding landNothing to panic…”

Shipwreck and start over

In his blog, Yann Quenet details his first attempt to circumnavigate the world which ended on August 8, 2015 in a shipwreck off the coast of Spain.

In the middle of the night, he was awakened by a violent noise. “I’m like a bucket of water on my face,” que pasa? ‘Then I rushed into the cabin under a flood of fleet and various things. This is not good! Within seconds the boat filled with water, and my life jacket was activated and pushed me up so violently that I crushed my skull against the new roof that had, just a few moments before, been on the floor. »

Then the giant waves pushed him to a distance of several meters from his boat, which quickly sank. Yan Quint owes his survival only to the beacon of tribulation and the divine passage of the cargo ship.

His analysis after the fact: “Obviously a mistake in the design of the boat, all boats capsize, even more than those that are only 4m in length, I of course made a lot of calculations and correct curves, but they didn’t” It was only theoretical calculations, and my curve was made of The enclosed covers are waterproof, with the mast fixed in a floating material, and the hull floating upside down horizontally, but of course the boat was filled with water, and the bow was floating out of the water with a longitudinal trim of more than 30 degrees and no mast, which clearly means my calculations were wrong and totally stupid . The boat turned upside down like an old pie that became more stable upside down from the right side up! This problem simply had to be checked by the deliberate overturning of the boat in port before departure. »

Much of the teaching I served for the manufacture of Baluchon, the second of the name. And the third is very close.

For Helen, who came to applaud him, “He is the epitome of stubbornness and human values. There are people who do not give up for too much. don’t leave. It’s kind of like thinking he’s spent all that time alone with himself and the elements. »

A welcome committee of friends and fans awaits the navigator's return to land.
A welcome committee of friends and fans awaits the navigator’s return to land. © Jan Andre

Leave as soon as possible

The most extravagant of all of this is that Yan Quinnet only asks for one thing: to leave ASAP! “We get a little addicted. Building boats is my absence, so I’m going back to work. Covid prevented me from landing in Anglo-Saxon countries, like Australia, and that completely changed my trip. So it would be for Next tour around the world. »

All smiles, the sailor asks no better than to build a new boat and
All smiles, and the sailor asks for nothing better than to build a new boat and “come back ASAP”. © Jan Andre

In the meantime, Yan is probably a little tired of sardines and Chinese noodles, and Yan will probably start filling himself up a bit by tasting the good little dishes that Brittany has a secret. Publish a bookwhich is replaying its stunning epic, is set to take place at the end of the year.

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