Senate launches construction of Vitale-Le Monde card

Official launch of the Vitali biometric card builder. On the night of Tuesday 2 August to Wednesday 3 August, the majority in the Senate voted, right, to allocate a first envelope of 20 million euros from the appropriations taken from the state medical aid (AME), under the draft general budget amendment. 2022 (PLFR). An amendment was voted 242 to 95, by Deux-Sèvres Senator Philippe Mouiller (Les Républicains, LR) as a miracle solution to fight social fraud. Bruno Ritao, chair of the LR group in the Senate, had brought up the issue as a condition of voting for the PLFR. Means setting up a biometric Vitali card “Re-register all residents. Naturally, this should drop a number of cards that should not be there.”Philip Mueller argues. Healthcare professionals will ensure that The person receiving the care is the card holder.

This is not the first time that the issue has been raised in Parliament. In 2020, the presidential majority rejected a bill by LR Senators on the same subject on behalf of Protection of privacy and personal data.

  • Is it a solution to social fraud?

“There are 7 million Vitaly cards more in France than the population! It is the biggest social scam. It costs billions every year”And the Tweet, after the vote, Senator Bosch du Rhone Stéphane Le Rodollier (LR). “Even based on the smallest number, about two million cards is too many. But estimates are as high as seven million, so it’s a real problem.”says Philip Mueller, citing in particular 2013 Report of the Inspectorate General of Finance (IGF) and others 2019 Report by Senator Natalie Goult (UDI) and Representative Carol Grandgin (LRM). A fraud that would cost, on its own and at least, 6 billion euros annually for the state, on the basis of “3000 euros of average expenses” healthy for everyone. An important issue for the right, which also has value “Ethical Principe” to Mr. Mueller.

  • Estimates vary greatly

In fact, estimating the exact amount of social fraud is complex. in 2021 reportThe Social Security Administration (DSS) put forward an estimate of 1.5 billion euros in 2019, compared to 860 million in 2014 – an increase of 74% in five years, due, according to it, to better discovery. in Report of the Social Affairs Committee for the year 2019Senator Catherine DeRoch (LR), however, stressed that“Among all the health insurance benefits scams, that was just a little big on the Vitale card.”

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