Drought: Are we heading towards a shortage of drinking water across France? – Free lunch

While the country is suffering from an unprecedented drought and more than 100 municipalities are already deprived of drinking water, could the situation become generalized?

This is a “historic” situation that the country is going through, said the Minister for Environmental Transition, Christophe Picchu, while moving to Romul (Alpes Maritimes). France is going through an unprecedented drought. July was the second dry month since Météo France measurements began in 1959.

The country is in an alarming water situation – some groundwater is dry – and more than 100 municipalities are deprived of drinking water: water no longer flows from the tap!

Many cities are organized to pump lakes or desalinate sea water, and some municipalities are now accustomed to seeing the coming and going of tankers to supply them.

In Vosges, reports 20 minutess, the city of Gérardmer draws from its lake. The water passes through purification plants before it is declared safe to drink. The plant has already drawn water in 2003, 2015 and 2020.

The tragic situation in Haute-Corse

On Hotcourse, the situation is even more dramatic. Within 25 days, half of the camel island could run out of drinking water. Measures have been taken to delay this deadline clarifies Send, but this was not enough. The Governor of Upper Corse State formally called for a “collective and united effort to satisfy all uses of water”.

In Occitanie, nine of the thirteen district administrations have been placed on drought alert and 4 on high alert. Restrictions such as washing your car have been imposed and prefectures have the right to ban irrigation, even those intended for agriculture.

When we know that this week again temperatures The temperature should reach 40 degrees Celsius and the heat wave should last until at least August 15Occitania and the rest of France should expect the drought to worsen, depriving the new municipalities of drinking water.

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